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Application to import contacts on the Android device in a flexible way.

Impcnts will read your TXT, XLS or CSV containing contacts items and places them in  your Android device addresses.

The app will automatically check if the file is eligible for import.

Your file does not necessarily contain a specific header: you can create the connection between the columns of the file and the default Google settings.

If the file is generated from another Android device the connection is automatic.

The application is not a simple read/write software. It is designed to cover many different needs, such as bringing updated data from an Excel spreadsheet or exported from an administrative program.

The connection of the columns can be saved then subsequent imports no more requires pairing.


Program options. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Columns coupling.
  • Setting the field separator used in the input file if different from default.
  • Definition of useful format if the file comes from devices that do not support the EAN-8 Standard or is generated from countries that use other protocols.
  • Customization for non-Western alphabets such as China, Korea, Japan, etc.
  • Ability to import groups and automatically create them in the address list.
  • Possibility of partial import.
  • Duplicate entries names have 'replacemen't option or 'only add new fields' options,  or 'contact duplication' or 'no import' option. 
  • Preview of the imported contacts.
  • Error Log (e.g. special characters not allowed can prevent the insertion of a new contact).

There is no limit on the number of contacts and fields that you can import. The limits may be given depending the Android device used.

Some of our users have reported the inclusion of over 10,000 contacts in a few minutes. At least we have the option to import your file in small groups.